Social Media Audit

A Social Media Audit (SoMA) provides feedback on anything you have posted on your social media accounts.

When employers or the general public want to find dirt on you, one of the first places they check is your social media accounts.

rechor will audit all data (such as posts, Tweets, replies, images, other uploads, etc.) on your social media accounts and provide feedback on what content should be deleted.

Even if you have 50,000 Tweets or 10 years of facebook posts, it’s all one price.

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How Does It Work?:

1. Complete and submit the form below.

2. After receiving your submission, an invoice will be sent for the total according to the price chart below.

2. We will start working on your request and you will have your report within 12 hours. Note that this time may vary depending on the amount of accounts you have submitted for auditing.

3. The report will detail what content should be removed and why.

4. Your personal information will be deleted from our records.


Number of Accounts Price
$13.97 (Save $1.00)
$17.96 (Save $2.00)
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