Reading Your Digital Baseline Report

This page will guide you through your Digital Baseline Report

It is recommended that you view your report on a desktop device, as it will make viewing easier. It can be done from any device, however.

General Section

The General section gives a brief overview of the report itself


Time/Date of Report

The time and date for when the Report was generated.

Search Parameters

The criteria used for searching:

– FN = First Name

– LN = Last Name

– MI = Middle Initial/Name

– P = Phone

– E = Email

– I = Image(s)

– V = Video(s)

– O = Other

Type of Search

Either Basic or Advanced

Summary Section

The Summary section gives a brief overview of the entire report.


Total Number of Sites/Platforms Searched:

Total number of sites checked for your information. This is not the total number of sites that contain your information.

Total Number of Sites/Platforms With Your Information:

Total number of sites that contained your information. See individual results for more details.

Action Needed

Whether or not you need to do anything with this information.

If this is an Advanced/DABRec Report, it will indicate that the data removal process has started.

If this a Free or Basic Report, it will indicate that you should take steps to have the data removed. The individual results will indicate how to do this.

Results Section

The Results Section will list all of the sites/platforms where your data was located.

Site Name

The location name of where your data was found.


The URL to the location of where your data was found.

If it is a URL belonging to a suspicious or dark/deep web site, a warning will be placed with it.

How Found

How the data was found on the above site (may be self-evident).

E.g., First Name, Last Name, email address

Concern Level

The importance level of having this data removed.

Will either be “General” or “High.”

If “High,” a description of why it is considered such will be included.

How To Remove

The link and general instructions on how to remove this data.

If it is an Advanced or DABRec Report, it will be indicated that rechor is handling the removal process — unless your preferences state otherwise.

Social Media Section

The Social Media Section will list any social media accounts (e.g., facebook, Twitter) that were found with your provided information.

Site Name

The social media location of where your data was found.


The URL to the specific location of where your data was found (such as profile link).

Concern URL

The URL to the specific location of possible concern. This is mainly relevant in regard to potential employers/other entities seeing this information which could be of concern.


Suggestion on how to handle this concern. Decision is yours on how to proceed.

If you have any other questions regarding a Report, email: