Digital Baseline

A Digital Baseline is the simplest way of discovering what information exists about you out there without having to scour the depths of the Internet yourself.

A Digital Baseline is a one-time report generated by the information you provide. The information provided is used to find any websites or databases that contain your personal information. This includes social media accounts (e.g., facebook, Twitter) and their content that is publicly visible.

Any information obtained is publicly accessible, whether it is on the Clearnet or Darknet.

How Does It Work?:

1. Complete the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

2. We will request the information you want to use as search parameters.

3. After the report is completed, a PayPal invoice will be sent via email or other preferred method. If it is a free report, no invoice will be sent.

4. After the invoice is paid, the Report and any other accompanying documents will be sent to you.

If it is a Basic Report — that’s it. You’ll never hear from us again, unless you opt-in for future rechor updates or subscribe for other services. All of your personal information will be permanently deleted from our records after confirmation of receipt.

If it is an Advanced Report, as long as you chose for us to do so, we will begin getting your personal data removed from any places listed on the Digital Baseline Report. Once the data is removed and the service is completed, all of your personal information will be permanently deleted from our records after confirmation of receipt.

No contracts – No hidden fees

  • Basic
  • Advanced
Per Report
A list of websites (with links) where your information was found - with concern level
Instructions on how to remove any personal information listed online (if applicable)
Tailored suggestions on hardening your privacy settings online
12-hour turnaround time upon receipt (maximum)
Removal requests automatically submitted on your behalf (if you permit)
Deep/Dark Web Search
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Note: All features listed can be opted-out of

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