DABRec (pronounced “Daybreak”) stands for Digital Audit By Recon

What do you get with DABRec?

How does it work?

Next Steps:

1. Complete the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

2. We will request the information you want to use as search parameters. These can be updated at any time.

3. We will start with a Digital Baseline report. After the report is completed, a PayPal invoice will be sent via email or preferred method.

4. After the invoice is paid, the report and any other accompanying documents will be sent to you.

5. Your provided information will be added to DABRec.

6. You will be sent weekly Advanced Digital Baseline Reports.

7. After 30 days, another invoice will be sent to renew DABRec services.

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If there are issues with this DABRec form, email us directly as dabrec@rechor.com

* General rule. Hardware/software updates/upgrades/failures or external issues (e.g., power/internet outages) may impact this. See the Terms of Service for more information.